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Below is a partial listing of some popular pieces from my repertoire.
Click on the underlined titles to listen to brief audio samples of these pieces.  There are many other pieces in my repertoire that are not listed here, and I can also usually honor most special requests if given enough time to locate and obtain the sheet music. 
Audio samples below feature excerpts from live performances by me (Randy Dunn), playing mostly trumpet solos with organ or piano accompaniment.  Note that I also often perform as an unaccompanied trumpet soloist, with no organ or piano, especially at weddings and fanfare events that are outdoors or in other locations where an organ or piano is either unavailable or undesired.  I also sometimes perform in ensembles with various additional musicians:  See the Fees and Booking information page of this site for more details. --Randy
Sample Music Selections:
Trumpet Voluntary (also known as "The Prince of Denmark's March") by Jeremiah Clarke, with "Traditional Fanfare."  The most popularly requested traditional bridal processional piece, used for royal weddings for many generations, including the highly-celebrated wedding ceremony of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.  It can also serve nicely as a prelude or postlude for special church services or other special occasions.  (Performed here on the piccolo trumpet with organ.)
Trumpet Voluntary ("The Prince of Denmark's March"), by Jeremiah Clarke.  Same as above, only this time with the "Purcell Fanfare" at the beginning.  (Performed here with trumpet, strings, and flute.)
Trumpet Tune by Henry Purcell.  A popular traditional wedding recessional piece, often used as the recessional at weddings that use Clarke's "Trumpet Voluntary" (see above) as the bridal processional.  This piece is also sometimes used as the bridal processional piece.  (Performed here on the piccolo trumpet with organ.)
Bridal March ("Here Comes the Bride") from Lohengrin by Richard Wagner.  The second most popular traditional bridal processional pieces.  It also has strong traditions.  (Performed on either the Bb trumpet or the herald trumpet.)
Wedding March from A Midsummer Night's Dream by Felix Mendelssohn ("There Goes the Bride") A popular traditional wedding recessional.  (Performed on either the herald trumpet or on the Bb or C trumpet.)
Hornpipe from The Water Music by George Frederick Handel.  Often used as a wedding recessional (and sometimes, more rarely, as a bridal processional) it also serves as an excellent prelude or postlude piece for special church services and other celebrations.
(Performed here on piccolo trumpet with organ.)
If Thou Be Near ("Bist Du Bei Mir") by Johann Sebastian Bach.  A lovely arrangement of a sacred aria that is also a traditional hymn tune.  This piece is actually believed to be composed by Gottfried Heinrich St√∂lzel, but is most often attributed to Bach due to his transcribing it and including it in his second Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach.
(Performed here on the flugelhorn.)
Rondeau by Jean Joseph Mouret.  Another popular baroque classic, sometimes used in weddings for various functions, such as bridal processional, or processional for attendants, or as a recessional.  This well-known piece is also popularly used as a prelude or postlude piece for special church services or other special occasions.
(Performed here on the piccolo trumpet with organ.)
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by Johann Sebastian Bach.  A very popular choice for music for the entrance of he bridesmaids and other bridal attendants and/or for the seating of the mothers at the wedding.  This beautiful sacred piece is also excellent for use in church services.  (Performed here on the Bb trumpet with organ.)
Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel.  This elegant piece is frequently used in weddings for either the seating of the mothers and/or for the entrance of the bridesmaids and other bridal attendants.  Sometimes used as the bridal processinal piece when more subdued music is desired for this purpose.  This piece is probably the most popular piece of classical music of all time, and it is also often heard in church services and at other special functions and events.  (Performed here on piccolo trumpet with organ.)
Ave Maria by Franz Schubert.  This piece is often used in weddings as music for the entry and seating of the mothers, or as unity candle lighting music.  Sometimes also used as a pre-service wedding music piece and, of course, also often heard in church services.  (Played here on the C trumpet.)
Ode to Joy by Ludwig Van Beethoven (Theme from the Finale of Symphony #9.)  Popular rendition of the beloved hymn tune, "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee" that originated from Beethoven's famous classical orchestral work.  Sometimes also known as the "European Anthem."  A great selection for church services and wedding ceremonies, where it is often used for recessional music.
Te Deum (Prelude) by Marc Antoine Charpentier.  Often used in weddings and in church services.
The Prayer by Sager & Foster (with famous recording by celebrated singer Josh Groban).  A beautiful choice for music for the lighting of the unity candle during a wedding, or as a special wedding prelude music selection.
Sunrise, Sunset by Jerry Bock.  Sometimes used as part of the pre-service (or prelude) wedding music, or for the entry and seating of the mothers.  (Performed here on the Bb trumpet.)
Intrada by Henry Purcell.  A fanfare-like baroque classic with many uses.  It makes a great entrance fanfare, but is also effective an an attention-getting prelude that is appropriate for special occasions, ceremonies, and special church services.  (Can be played on either the piccolo trumpet, as heard here, or on the Bb trumpet or on the herald trumpet.)
March by Henry Purcell.  Another versatile baroque piece.  (Played on the piccolo trumpet here, but can also be played on the herald trumpet.)
NOTE:  The pieces above represent some of the most popular selections from my repertoire.  There are many more pieces in my repertoire that are not listed here.  If you have a special song or favorite musical selection that you wish to request, ask me about it.  I can almost always honor special requests (even for pieces that are not a standard part of my repertoire) as long as I have an adequate amount of time to locate and order or arrange for getting the sheet music.
For more information, price quotes, and availability for bookings:
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